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Уникальный курс 2023 года!

Медиа персонаж, который не спит и не ест. Круглые сутки работает на Вас и не просит зарплату.

Для чего нужен Бизнес Аватар?

Вы можете разместить его на своём сайте, приветствуя ваших подписчиков и ваших клиентов.

Также вы можете его использовать для продажи ваших товаров в магазине.

Как фрилансер, Вы можете создавать на заказ такие видео для ваших клиентов.







Что вы узнаете?

  • By the end of the course, you will be able to create full-fledged HTML5 websites
  • more people
  • Any HTML editor and HTML5 compatible web browser
  • Full lifetime access, Certificate of completion, themes, and plugins
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    Jess Czachor

    The course was fantastic, it\’s a great gateway into HTML and programming in general, although it feels like the second half it\’s a bit outdated, but most of the info provided is still relevant and important to know moving forward if you\’re thinking on making a career out of coding. Both teachers were excellent!

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    Jess Czachor

    Enjoyed it but wish I could download the powerPoint slides

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    Carlos Gruberman

    This course was just right for my purpose. The pace was right, not too fast or slow. I was a professional embedded developer many years ago so I was already very familiar with the C language. I\’m trying to move back into embedded dev so I wanted to refresh my skills and this course worked well for that. I would have liked to see a little more on multi-threading and sockets, but it did provide enough of an introduction to get started in those areas

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